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Challenge the strength of the River Noce and experience the adventure of rafting, kayaking and hydrospeeding in Val di Sole. Moments of pure adrenaline await you in the rapids of one of the best rivers in the world.

On the Noce river with Francesca

“When I'm in the water I feel free, I feel concentrated on the present, on that moment. You really feel alive so much of the time. Pedro and the Noce are fun, they are fresh, exuberant, unpredictable.”

Freedom, concentration, adrenaline: the Noce river makes you feel alive. In the 5 rafting centres of the Val di Sole you will find guides such as Francesca and Pedro, who teach river techniques to children, with passion and professionalism. From rafting to canoeing and kayaking, from canyoning to hydrospeeding, let our guides take you through the fresh and sparkling Val di Sole.
Francesca will show you special places, where you can experience sport and exciting adventures in Val di Sole. She will lead you to discover once in a lifetime activities and will recommend romantic places to enjoy the starry sky, bodies of water to have experiences to remember for years to come and scenic routes to immerse yourself in nature. Download her tips!