find your heritage

History and tradition permeate the Val di Sole, in castles and museums but also in the stories of local artisans. Ivan's guide shows you where to find all of this. It's dedicated to those who are always looking to learn.

In the workshop with Ivan

“On one side I come from a farming family and on the other from an artisan family, so I have lived in the meadows and known the agricultural life, the labour in agriculture... and in a certain sense I sang it, doing certain jobs.”

For art and tradition lovers, Val di Sole offers an exceptional guide: Ivan. With him you can discover the materials used in local crafts and continue your journey through Venetian sawmills, mills and forges. Stop at the Innovation Centre, the new production centre in Malè, where contemporaneity and tradition go hand in hand.
In Val di Sole you can visit castles aboard a special train, walk with your face to the sky in the open-air museum dedicated to sundials or admire an artist in his atelier and explore the history, art and traditions of the valley thanks to guided tours and cultural events . Let yourself be accompanied by Ivan's suggestions on this journey.