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Hop on your mountain bike: climb to the top and admire the breadth of the landscape, go down dirt paths, challenge yourself on technical routes and in bike parks. Get your adrenaline flowing: it's just you and the nature of Val di Sole.

On a mountain bike with Lorenza

“The nature that surrounds me: it's there that I can take my time without anyone telling me anything. I go into my bubble: I'm fine, I feel light and happy. There is only me. Me and my bike, and that perfect circular movement.”

Val di Sole Bikeland is what you are looking for: 300 kilometres of MTB routes, a cycling path, bike park and services for bikers and cyclists. There's everything you need to find the right balance between body and mind and enjoy the beauty of nature on your bike. In addition to the bike, Val di Sole offers a thousand outdoor possibilities.
Trekking, rafting and other experiences, more or less adrenaline. In Val di Sole sportspeople like Lorenza can challenge themselves in a natural environment that stimulates movement. Download the brochure with Lorenza's advice to discover the opportunities and world events that Val di Sole has to offer for bike lovers and more.