find your silence

Peace and quiet and the sounds of nature in the background. The sound of your breathing will be the only one to guide your steps. The excursions in winter nature are just like that, in Val di Sole. Lorenzo, a mountain guide, tells us about them.

With Lorenzo in the woods

“I am the space between one heartbeat and the next. I live under a mantle that covers everything. I die and rise again in slow steps.”

Lorenzo's brochure is dedicated to those who love to walk immersed in nature rather than skiing, to those who are looking for silence to reconnect with their inner-self. Lorenzo will tell you about the trails to enjoy with snowshoes or ski mountaineering on your feet, the excursions with Alpine Guides you can do and the activities you can experience immersed in nature, surrounded only by the charm of the snow.
In a few corners of Val di Sole time stops and silence is surreal. Experience this feeling during a winter hike in the Stelvio National Park, with snowshoes or ski mountaineering on your feet or while climbing an ice waterfall. Can you imagine what it feels like to walk in the footsteps of the animals, among pastures and a white wonderland of trees? Why not giving it a try?


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