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Immersing oneself in snowy landscapes is like indulging in a moment of peace to free creativity and one's thoughts. Tim, who creates musical ice instruments in Val di Sole, knows this well.

With Tim in a theatre made of ice and snow

“I found the perfect place for all this right here, at Passo Paradiso. A place where you can come and reflect on the beauty of life.”

Find your happy place in the snowy landscapes of Pontedilegno - Tonale, just like Tim, who makes musical instruments out of ice. A creative process that takes shape in Paradiso, among the snowy mountaintops admired by Tim as he walks or skis in the snow. The result is a vibrant sound, which warms both the landscape and the heart during Ice Music concerts.
Visit the EQ Ice Dome, located 2,600 metres above sea level on the Presena Glacier. An ice theatre, where musicians of all genres come to play instruments sculpted out of snow by Tim Linhart. Why not come and let Ice Music warm your soul after a day on the slopes or before dinner back at your chalet. Download the brochure to find out more.


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