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Authentic flavours and a long tradition that is expressed in every gesture. Life in the Alpine cottage is rich in genuine flavours, smells and smiles. Take a break from the frenzy: Alice, her family and the other herders are ready to welcome you.

In the alpine cottage with Alice and her family

“The dad is the one that must lead all of the cows to graze, and while the father and the grandfather make the cheese, what does the mother do?” “The butter!” “And what is our treasure?” “The cheese!”

Discover the tradition of the mountain pasture, close your eyes and enjoy the sensations that surround you: the cheerful ringing of the cows, the taste of the cheese, the grass tickling your feet. Life flows to the rhythm of nature and every moment takes on a new taste. Between sunrises and sunsets, it's time to enjoy the authenticity of the typical Val di Sole products.
Happily lose yourself among the farmers' market stalls, savouring fruit, vegetables and traditional zero kilomtre products. Between one excursion and the next, allow yourself time to visit local producers of chocolate, beer, cheese, fruits and berries. Let yourself be carried away by the culinary tradition of Val di Sole, inspired by Alice's family's advice!